Fully integrated

Fully integrated

100 percent integrated in Revit and Inventor via an extra tools bar.

Gives huge time savings

Gives huge time savings

Automates manual routines, which results in saved time.

Assist with routine tasks

Assist with routine tasks

A comprehensive collection of tools to simplify routine assignments.

Easy to implement

Easy to implement

Allows you to take full advantage of the system from day one.

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About NTI Tools

From program to solution. The easy way.

With a few setups, NTItools can improve your Autodesk installation considerably.

When developing NTItools emphasis is on ease of use, and the solution is fully integrated into the Autodesk products.

The NTItools Ribbon panel is divided in the same way as in Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Inventor, while buttons and toolbars can be customized to personal preference and needs.

Some of the benefits that users of NTItools have experienced are:

  • Simple and efficient handling of data

  • Uniform data, which creates stability in the project
  • A hassle free workday


Behind NTI Tools

NTI CADcenter

NTI CADcenter

NTI is among the largest providers of CAD solutions in Scandinavia with offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden .

NTI CADcenter's development department located in Denmark and we can offer:

  • Solutions tailored to the individual company processes and to Danish standards
  • Short lead time from idea to product
  • Thorough knowledge of Danish conditions and standards such as ICT legislation

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Other programs from NTI



With Classify you can classify your building models with CCS codes in a simple and hassle free way.
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A simple and intuitive document management system that keeps track of all your electronic documents and provides a quick overview.
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Mdoc FM

Mdoc FM

Mdoc FM is a simple and logical Facility Management System for managing operations and maintenance data.
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A description tool to manage job descriptions and building element description principles of bips B100 and bips B1.000 in an easy way.
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NTI tools is developed and sold by NTI CADcenter

e-mail: nti@nti.dk |Phone: +45 70 10 14 00 | Fax: +45 70 10 14 09 |Hotline: +45 70 20 42 14
Opening hours: monday-thursday 8:30-16:30 GMT+1 friday 8:30-16:00 GMT+1´

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Our locations

NTI CADcenter has 5 offices in Denmark:

Her bor NTI CADcenter

NTI CADcenter - Værløse

Lejrvej 15

3500 Værløse


NTI CADcenter - Ringsted

Sleipnersvej 17

4100 Ringsted


NTI CADcenter - Aarhus

Julsøvej 1

8240 Risskov


NTI CADcenter - Vejle

Jens Ravns Vej 11B

7100 Vejle


NTI CADcenter - Aalborg

Digtervejen 11

9200 Aalborg SV